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Jordan Millington thrives creating photography to show the utmost lively and energetic stories that exhibit the purest energy of living in the here and now. He is inspired and driven by life’s  special moments where we’re able to let go and become mesmerized with powerful and uplifting energy that gives grace to life. Jordan builds on these beautiful moments igniting a hyper surreal world. Through his lens Jordan captures beautiful moments in the most grand and vast form by distorted yet symmetric  angles, and perfectly captured moments causing a hyper surreal moment to be achieved.

From dreaming it to producing it, Jordan is able to create fantastic works of art from his grandmas back yard to pulling props from her house to vast studios. Wether it’s drawing out scenes, scouting locations all over the west coast or making music playlists that make people live in the here and now, Jordan strives to capture a moment that is true and alive!